So Where is GreatAlbum?

You might have noticed that all this wonderful functionality described in What is GreatAlbum doesn't appear on this site. So where is it? 

The answer: the GreatAlbum prototype quietly under development in a hidden site. Our timeline for release is roughly:

  • Feb-March
    • Develop prototype
  • April
    • Welcome Beta users
    • Make improvements based on their feedback
    • Develop additional requirements for v1
    • Finalize development team and begin v1 production build
  • May
    • Continue beta usage
    • Complete v1 production build and begin testing
    • Migrate beta content to v1 build
    • Begin user testing
  • June
    • Finalize v1 enhancements 
    • Official launch of general availability (GA)

If you would like to be invited to be a Beta user, please submit this form. 

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