What is GreatAlbum?

Two of the most popular, revenue-generating hobbies for families - on and off the internet - are genealogy and family photography/social media. Genealogy is primarily focused on finding new family members, and documenting/proving key life events, like birth, death, marriage, & divorce, with references to prove those "facts". Photography & social media quickly amass a ton of family photos and posts sharing them with friends, but no real way to organize them. This leaves a huge gap. What’s missing that should bring these together are structured events about the people and the photos/videos/documents, and the stories of what happened in those events.

This is where GreatAlbum comes in. This is the realization of a dream that I've had since at least 2000. The vision is that GreatAlbum will become the preeminent site/app for people to tell the stories about the events in their lives and the lives of their loves ones. Millions of members will use it not only to commemorate the lives of their ancestors, but to archive their social media content (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Google/iCloud/Dropbox) and organize it around events. 

For the sake of security, and sanity, all content is organized into albums. There are three main kinds of albums:

  • Individual Album – Tell the story of a lifetime – when someone is reaching a major milestone, like a big birthday or death, bring family & friends together to tells stories about how that person has touched their lives!
  • Family Album – It’s like LinkedIn for families - build out your family tree with all the usual genealogy information, but go beyond that to capture & share the events in the lives of family members and the stories about why those events were so meaningful!
  • Alumni Album – Remember good times & catch up – for high school, college, work & other groups that want to reminisce about the gold old times, and also want to keep up with each other’s lives since graduation.

For each album, the owner can invite others to become members, or even co-administrators. This creates a sense of community among the members, and it also enables them to define if the album content is public or private - the default being private and visible only to members of the album. This is very similar to the approach Google took with Google Groups, and it's exactly what Drupal did with Drupal Groups, because GreatAlbum is built on Drupal using the same Organic Groups functionality.

And in the same way that Drupal now has over 530,000 groups, I can easily envision there being a million albums, with a billion individuals/families/events/stories/media. Especially if you utilize the Social Inbox feature, which when you authorize it, will import your social media posts and related medial links, and enable you to organize them into life events. No more wading through hundreds/thousands of posts to find the ones from that special event ten years ago! 


UPDATE:  If you'd like to know when GreatAlbum will be making it's debut, see So Where is GreatAlbum?



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